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*wakes up slowly*

errrrrrrrarrrarar! i had to wake up at 5 AM to drive April to her school for some parade thingy. i asked her "how long does it take you to get ready?" she said "20 minutes IF that. im just going to throw some clothes on and put in a ponytail." that should get us leaving at 5:20 right? wrong..5:36 were leaving the house and have a 20 minute drive to get to her school. *growl* what part of "lets go, we should have left 10 minutes ago" didnt she understand? shes sitting there PLAYING WITH THE DOG when i went out into the livingroom to make sure she was ready. *Sigh*

gave her a frappuccino to wake her up though. i went on a shopping splurge yesterday and bought some food and drinks. i hate not having stuff here, but the fridge isnt very big either and im limited on space.

i have to clean my car out today so jaime and reagan can fit their portfolios in there and not get sucked into the black hole that is Calvin.

i slept for awhile. dad called me from a diner he and june are at. theyre in havasu right now. i was supposed to go but i had too much stuff to do here.

ok..going to go try to wake up now. *yawn*
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