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Jesse the psycho dog

i gave Jesse a beef flavored dental rawhide chew and she proceeded to bury it under my mass of computer/printer/scanner wires. shes tugging on my mouse as we speak, knocking everything off my desk as she digs at the cables.

I dont get it. everytime i giver her a treat or a toy of some kind, she never eats it/plays with it like she's supposed to. she always ends up hiding it as if i dont know what shes doing. if i point to the treat and say "look! i can see it!" she will get frustrated with me and hide it somewhere else.
ive had occurrences where i will be sitting on the couch and find a snausage that had been hidden there years prior. 0_o so, she hides them, forgets where she hid them, and i find them quite some time later and believe me, its not fun.

my dog is a spaz, but nothing i can do will get her to eat a treat, especially a larger one, on the spot.

great, she just knocked over my speakers and my Randal Graves figurine *Sigh*
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