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im hungry and cranky

but i put my Scar beanie baby on my computer monitor and he looks all cute and maniacle. =>

Stolen from Bastek
spell your first name backwards - nerual
the story behind your lj username - my last name means "thorn soap" and my favorite animals are wolves. do the math
are you a lesbian - not in this lifetime
where do you live - California
wallet - i used to have a black and white checkered one, but now i have this credit card/billfold thing because my pockets are too small
hairbrush - purple and black sparkly paddle brush
toothbrush - a pink and white one that says "dr. robert lozano" on it...and theres a picture of a tooth.
jewelry worn daily - necklace depends on my mood..i may wear my ball chain "punk"ish necklace with tav's gold diamond ring around it, my coyte claw necklace ala _graywolf_, or the hemp/feather necklace Syris made me, but i always wear my class ring and my running wolves ring.
blanket - the green one i snagged from Tavis last winter
coffee cup - it has a picture of the London Bridge on it and says "Nicole"
sunglasses - Black Roxy's. i hate Roxy but dad got them for me and they fit PERFECTLY
underwear - string bikini, pattern varies
shoes - Birkenstocks
handbag - If a messenger bag and a purse had a runt baby, that would be mine. its gray, like everything else i own. *loves gray*
favorite top - dark gray tanktop or Trogdor
cologne/perfume - Sun Moon and Stars with Halloween lotion
cd in stereo right now - Korn - Untouchables. its Travis' and i like the stompy song "track 1"
tattoos - none.
piercings - none and proud of it
what you are wearing now - green/blue plaid flannel pajama pants and my Trogdor shirt
hair - currently auburn and wavy. looks like an old penny
makeup - none right now. im not getting dressed today

who or what (was/is/are)

in my head - my brain
wishing - that i had money to both pay the rent AND eat, but im going to sacrifice eating for today
after this - going back to bed
talking to - Dad on the phone, saying he wont be here until later
eating - nothing. im on a hunger strike. i am the new Gandhi
if you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason - Murder is a sin, yo. actually i dont hate anyone that much right now. im very peaceful.
is next to you - my Scar beanie baby
some of your favorite movies - Clerks, Nightmare Before Christmas, Mallrats, Sleepy Hollow, Balto, TLK, Fifth Element, POTC, the list goes on
something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month - Halloween of course
the last thing you ate - that would have been yesterday..and it would have been that disgusting coldcut trio subway sandwich that was actually bologna
something that you are deathly afraid of - death and losing a limb
do you like candles - yep, i love incense more though
do you like hugs - LOVE hugs as long as theyre not too ridiculously hard
do you like the taste of blood - no. i only lick blood when its for cleaning purposes and im nowhere near water
do you believe in love - yep
do you believe in soulmates - to a degree, but the term is thrown around way too much
do you believe in love at first sight - definitely no
do you believe in heaven - yep
do you believe in forgiveness - yep
what do you want done with your body when you die - buried, but the idea of donating my skeleton to an art college for the study of anatomy seems very interesting. talk about dedication to the arts!
who is your worst enemy - i actually dont have any
if you could have any animal for a pet what would it be? - a wolf, if i had adequate space, a thylacine *provided the cloning experiment goes well*, or a bat. a bat is much more realistic. i want a fruit bat =)
what's the latest you've ever stayed up - 26 hours
ever been to belgium - thats kind of random..and no
can you eat with chopsticks - if i had my way i would eat everything with chopsticks, my cousin does
what's your favorite coin - sacajawea dollar
what are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to - NYC, San Jose, San Diego *im currently in temecula..suck!*, Big Sur, and...somewhere in florida maybe
what are some of your favorite pig out foods - Ice cream *coffee, green tea, and "half baked" *, white cheddar popcorn, koala yummies, sushi, white castle, donuts
what's something that you wish people would understand - that im not a huggy kissy girly girl and i really am not that social, so please dont IM me all the fucking time asking me to talk and get all "WAI?!!" when i dont want to talk. i cant talk means i cant talk.
what's something you wish you could understand better - all the answers of the universe
anyone you miss that you haven't seen in a long time - Tavis, Tiff, Travis, Wes

on another note, im really angry right now and its no one's business as to why. ill deal with it later.
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