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Rubios vs. Whitecastle

does anyone else find it ironic that most of the workers at whitecastle are black? im not trying to sound racist or anything, because im not racist, but i just think its a funny observation. god i love those tiny little burgers *drool* too bad they dont have any of those here on the west coast. damn. precooked freezer burgers for me then *has some in the freezer*

Anyhoo, i went to Rubio's Baja Grill today (home of the Fish Taco) and noticed there was a HUGE line. this is very odd for a friday, especially after 12:00. i noticed they were selling 2 street tacos for $2.99, with your choice of carne asada or pork carnita..or both. of course i had to pounce on this deal.

i waited for a long time bcause they just couldnt seem to find my order, but i later got this teeny tiny box. when i got home i opened it up and my tacos were no bigger than whitecastle burgers. now i know why they could afford to make them so cheap =P but if anyone knows Rubios, everything they have is absolutely delicious, fresh, and of good quality. their taste made up for their size, and the addition of guacemole was a definite plus. i just think i should have invested $1.99 into a whole fish taco =P it would have been more filling.

god now im hungry again. im going to call someone about a free pizza, i got this postcard in the mail for one but it doesnt say from what company..just says "free pizza".

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