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stayed up late last night, didnt have a very good sleep for reasons i really dont want to get into.
ate some cereal this morning, promised myself id mail some stuff out but thats a laugh, im just too...depressed? to leave the house. jason got here earlier this morning unexpectedly. we watched Harry Potter *the first one* together then i went in my room and did some squiggles on my tablet. i made an LJ pic for bastek, that can be seen on my DeviantArt gallery. We chatted a bit last night and that rocked =) btw, i have a mostly bastek theme going on with my LJ icons, so if you see some new ones, she drew em *loves!* thankies =)

i called westly last night, but no one answered. such is the story of my life.

Tav's supposed to call me back today, hes in the shower.

making some CD's for reaperfox for our music exchange. surprisingly the first one worked out pretty well.

Going to see my friend Liz later tonight. maybe well get to see a movie, if i can afford it. i hate not having money, and im sick of fast food, but im also in this hermit phase where i do NOT want to leave the house for some odd reason. i dont know why im so quirky..some may find it loveable. i know i sure dont though.

i gotta go wash my dishes. they have burnt sage in them. dont ask.
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