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Jay and Silent...Tavis?

As you may know, i am a rabid Clerks/Kevin Smith fan.
However, this is not the sole reason for this post.

Ive been saying it forever: Tavis reminds me of a thin Silent Bob with a Dante Hicks personality. o_O

heres proof:
Tavis has the long hair of silent bob as well as the same goatee style. The hair is just cuz he likes long hair, and the facial hair, well it happens to grow in best that way, and nicely styled i might add.
well..just look for yourself

SEE??!! i had to tell CW that the first one is tav, the second one is silent bob and it goes in that pattern....


well, the most famous quote from clerks that Dante Hicks says repetitively is : "I'm not even supposed to BE here today!"
even in Jay and Silent Bob Strike back he says this..but instead of saying it directly its implied when a customer asks him
"Hey, are you even supposed to be here today?"
Dante: "Don't even get me started.."

Funny enough, Tav is often at work, even when hes not even scheduled that day! he comes in whenever theres work to be done or he just ends up hanging out, no matter what his schedule.
in Dante's case, he risked missing a hockeygame he was supposed to be playing in. In Tavis' case, well, he has a social life *and a 'ahem' love life 'cough cough' * and its often interrupted by emergencies at work.
Tavis's quote : "Im not even supposed to BE here today! But i guess ill hang out anyway..."

oh yeah, and the pilgrimages to Red Bank and the Quick Stop where the whole movie was based..well..lets just say he 'belonged' there as much as he hates jersey. people kept asking him "are you from around here?"

so..ill be posting collages of Red Bank and the Quick Stop later on...
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