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feelin better

cheered myself up a bit today. put on some good music and headed to my art class. we had a male model today who was probably in his later 40's, perhaps even early 50's. i like drawing females better, theyre much more beautiful in the artistic sense. its so hard to draw a fluid picture with a male in it, especially with the poses the guy was giving us. they were very "war like". =P of course, ive been on a female kick lately with some recent inspiration. i have the History channel to thank for that.

i worked in watercolors today, and i cant say that i liked what i turned out, but it was more of an experimentation than a serious piece. ill post it later when i get off my lazy bum to scan it *which means after i do my homework. im half done with it and figured id take a break*

talked to Tav a bit today before i headed to my moms house where she had meatloaf, salad, steamed vegitables, cranberry juice and green tea ice cream waiting for me *melt* i love her cooking when she actually cooks. its good to be fed. ive been eating fast food for the past couple of weeks. she gave me $150 so i could actually buy some decent groceries for once. very nice of her =)

we watched a movie called "Joseph" which was an independent/christian film about what it would be like if Jesus lived in today's world. it was very interesting and dare i say..pretty good?

Had some good talks with mom. i miss her, but im glad were on good terms. i like being able to see her on my own terms. im glad we dont fight anymore.

have to read 4 short stories tonight for my English final tomorrow. ive read 2 so far. theyre not that long. i may even leave one for lunch time so i wont have to stare out my windshield while parked in the McDonalds parking lot. come wednesday ill be free though, so maybe i can actually hang out with my friends afterwards. that will be nice. i wanna go to Harbor Fish in Carlsbad for some fish and chips...mmmm =)

im nowhere near interesting enough, and i wanna get my homework done so i can talk to tav. ta for now!
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