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I Hate Jersey

Okay more New Yorkie goodness..well..sorta.

Tav and i, of course being avid View Askew/Kevin Smith fans, decided to take a trip to the Mecca of View Askew productions: Leonardo County/ Red Bank, New Jersey.

Yes, 'tis there where you can go to the local quick stop/RST video and have enough time to make a pilgrimage to Posten's funeral home. Of course AFTER you have paid Walt Flanagan a visit at Jay and Silent Bob's secret stash ;)

Tav and i started our day by getting directions from mapquest. never again will we use mapquest because they pointed us completely in the wrong direction on several occasions. We must have driven the entire length of New Jersey which is a horrible/stinky ride with bad drivers.

amazingly enough we were able to find Jay and Silent Bob's secret stash, the official souvenir shop for your Clerks memorbilia related needs.
I took tons of pictures of the life size kevin smith sculpture/mooby the golden calf statue and lots of other things. sadly because i was using one hour photo and a really bad disposable camera, none of those pictures turned out.
ah well.

I bought a Dante Hicks poster *from the cartoons*, a clerks cartoons lunchbox and now for something completely different, an invasion of the body snatchers poster *not view askew related but damn...when am i ever gonna see one of those again?*

To my surprise, Walt Flanagan was the clerk at the cash register!!!!!!
This guy....

To those of you who dont know who Walt Flanagan is..he played the egg spinning guidance councellor on Clerks

he also designed the pornographic clown logo for View Askew productions and handles the graphic needs for the company. Not to mention runs the Secret Stash.
oh....and his rat terrir dog was featured in the Clerks cartoons. the dog's name is Brodie =)
i was too dumbfounded to really say more then.."hi, can i get that lunchbox over there? thanks, have a great day"
besides..he was on the phone talking about "what Kevin's opinion is" on selling certain action figures

"Tell him Steve-Dave!"

Next, Tav and i got lost in Jersey for quite some time trying to find the Quick Stop. stupid mapquest.
The thing about jersey is not only is it smelly and bad drivers populate the state, but you cant make left hand turns. left hand turns. in fact if you want to make a U-turn you have to get into the far RIGHT lane and act like youre going on a freeway ramp =P dumb huh? i bet theyre the only state that does it *grrs*

so after a long time of searching, Tav and i successfully found the Quick Stop. Just like the comics, the RST video store is right next door with a *door to nowhere* in between them.
Some Indian guys own the stores and while the quick stop employee was understanding that we were just in there for the atmosphere, the RST video guy kept trying to sell us stuff no matter how many times we told him we were just there to see where the movie was filmed.

"Why are you convenience store workers always American? Speak Hindu!!" ~Clerks Cartoons episode 2

After taking some pictures at the Quick Stop, we decided to go to Posten's Funeral home.
For those of you who dont know what this is, its the funeral home that Dante and Randal went to *during work hours* when they found out that number 6 on "Dante's list of people hes had sex with" died mid backstroke in a pool. You must see the movie =D
We parked Tav's car right in front of the funeral parlor *just like they always do in movies regardless of where they are* and took some pictures. unfortunately it was dusk and they came out somewhat dark *grrs*

After that, and many weird U-turns later, we somehow managed to find the right way home, glad to finally be out of Jersey.
We may be going back when i go out there in the winter.

Heres pics:

Okay from top left to right:
Me standing in front of the quickstop and the rest of that little mini mart area.
Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash
Posten's Funeral Home
Funny "Blind Pedestrian Area" Sign that was in front of the Quick Stop. what do they mean by that? its only for blind pedestrians? =D
Tavis in front of Postens Funeral Home
Me in front of the quick stop again
Quick Stop Sign
RST Video Sign

Some notes:
for those of you who have watched the cartoons, across the street from Quick Stop is in fact a vacant lot, but theres also a neighborhood. If the Quicker Stop opened up, theyd have to mow down a bunch of houses.

Theres a house right next to the quick stop right by the Blind Pedestrian area sign and right by those trees you the movie that house is not there.

We found the sewer drain that their roller hockey ball went in in the movie. theres only one on the whole block...what are the odds of that happening?

The quick stop has pictures of kevin smith all over the place

The quick stop is not as big as youd think. its VERY VERY small, especially when theres people in it.

Right now im watching a movie with Jason Lee =)
Enjoy the pics!
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