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i should have stayed in bed

today really sucked as far as my normal days usually are.

first, i woke up late cuz i was so drained from the day before. why? i dont know. i think its quite possibly the heat. its been so ridiculously hot here it seriously feels like a bad day in Lake Havasu, AZ. yeah. THAT bad. silly me, i put on jeans and a black shirt thinking it was going to be different.

i had to run a few errands and took the dog with me. that was also a mistake. had i known it was going to be THAT ridiculously hot out i wouldnt have taken her. also, i thought i wasnt going to be gone for more than an hour. that wasnt the case.

first i had to go to the bank, but due to heavy traffic i had to make a few loops around the nieghborhood to even get into the parking lot.
finally when i got in, i asked the teller for a money order, she said they were $4.00. 4 bucks??? that is one expensive money order! i asked if there was a 7-11 around anywhere, and she said no, but albertsons would give me a money order for 39 cents.

i then went to Kinko's cuz i had to make a copy for a project. one copy, off of a disk, and nothing more. i handed the guy my disk and he said "its going to print out of this machine". of course, he sent it to the one printer in the whole place that was jammed. lucky me.
one of the other workers helped me out and said it would only take a few minutes. 10 minutes goes by. he goes "here let me print it out again for you."

now, this is one of those projects, *art related of course* where color matters, SEVERELY. he printed it out, the color was way off. i said "whats wrong with the color?" he says "its your problem. its your resolution." i said "okay, ill just go ahead and take the disk home and fix the problem and bring it back so we dont have to fool with it here. ill just buy this greeting card." and he goes "okay ill have someone else ring you up. do you want this copy?" he pointed to the copy he just made, which i didnt need, nor want to pay for something that i didnt want. i said "no thank you, ill fix the problem and then bring the disk back." he glares at me, rips up the copy, crumples it up, raises his hands in the air and goes "fffffffFFFFFFUCK!" and then storms off. i yelled back "IM SORRY!" but he ignored me 0_o rrrrrrr >_< the shift manager saw what happened and asked me about it. hes going to get a little talk today.

i went back outside, scared that my dog had died from the heat because i spent a great deal longer in kinkos then i had expected, and found she wasnt in the backseat. i panicked thinking some animal rights activist pulled her out through the sunroof or something of that nature, but i opened the car door and found my dog cowering by the accelerator. i dont know what spooked her, she looked terrified! i wonder if she was just trying to get away from the heat..hrm.

so i went to albertsons, but of course i got every single fucking red light on my way there. at one point i began yelling "GREEN PLEASE!!!" at the lights..only to have a car full of kids stare at me like "wtf?".

i arrived at albertsons, where there is still a strike going on, and asked the cashier for a money order. she said "no im sorry we cant do that" and thats okay..but she said it in a way that almost seemed as if she was joking. she also looked at her co-worker in a "this is funny i cant believe she asked me that" kind of way. thats weird.

so i went to the post office hoping to send the packages i need to have out this week, but at this point its 3:45 in the afternoon and of course, it was packed. i just figured "screw it" and headed back home.

i dont wanna leave the house today.
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