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Dont make me go, please?

I'm not going to class tomorrow. I'm too exhausted. In class today, Krystal and Tiffany both said i looked weird/tired/not okay. I think my lack of sleep is beginning to show. Not only that, i still havent done my homework, my hearts just not in it anymore. I miss my summer. Would you believe i havent gone to the beach ONCE this whole summer with the exception of a quick walk on the beach with my art teacher Snid, and my buds Tiffany, Marcel and Leigh? in the words of Muk "pretty pathetic really"
I think i just need a break. just a day to call my own, not answer to anyone or be woken up by annoying people.

Last weekend i thought i was going to get to catch up on sleep but my dad, charming as he is, decides to wake me up at 5 freaking 30 to go to breakfast so he can yell at me about how if i get married early/do anything he doesnt want me to he wont pay for my schooling. Lovely. Then he said he didnt want me to go to new york. oooo peachy keen whats next? my mom was there too..luckily she was more on my side *my parents are divorced..but it doesnt show* This of course led to an argument between me and Tav about how i should stand up to my dad more. Its not that easy all the time..i normally do but sometimes he puts this spin on things so i cant win if i fight and i cant win if i dont..damned if you do damned if you dont i guess. I am so moving out as soon as i get the chance. I dont even live with my dad and this is what i deal with *sigh* i love him though. Hes paying for my classes and does lots for me...just sometimes i feel more like a pet than a daughter.
*look everyone, look what i have! its a daughter! they had a black one but she didnt match the furniture ..look what she can do! she can draw! and i got her all these neat accessories too....draw nicole! come on girl! make daddy happy!*
so in short, i got NO sleep.

on a sadder more global note,a little girl was killed close by and they think they found her body, coincidentally, near the college im taking classes at. Her body was just dumped on the side of the road....i dont want to go by there. She was/is such a pretty little girl. Her name was Samantha...5 years old *is sad*
Would you believe the kidnapper used the old "i lost my pet chihuahua" trick? I can't believe think you warn your kids enough but it still doesnt work.

with all that stuff going on, i think im going to play it safe and stay indoors tomorrow. I really hope Tiffany wont be too mad at me for leaving her to fend for herself in that horrible class...i think ill draw her a pretty picture to make up for it..not good enough but its what i can do.

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