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hey guess what

i got a brand new Queen sized bed for under $250!!! *dances* dad and his friend Ken *my future boss* brought it over and set it up for me.
i am SOOO excited. you dont even realize how long ive been asking for a new bed because of my back and i finally, after years of asking, got one! =D woo hoo! now i can watch my dvd's in style.

heres a little halloweeny thing i snagged from reaperfox

1. What is your all-time favorite candy?
to get in my candy bag, Reeses. the biguns. mmmm =) my real favorite candies dont get tossed into the halloween mix though sadly.

2. What Halloween monster is your favorite?
Werewolf and Vampire

3. What are your three favorite Halloween movies or films?
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Sleepy Hollow
Rocky Horror Picture show, even though i dont really like it as far as storyline goes, the songs are great and its a halloween tradition to watch it.

4. Which is your favorite Halloween Special?
they always play Rocky i watch that, but i LOVE watching the simpsons halloween ones

5. Have you ever seen a ghost or spirit?
6. Does your wardrobe contain any glow in the dark clothing?
sadly no, but im thinking of snagging some of Elisha's glow in the dark face paint

7. Would you be willing to spend a night alone in a remote house that is supposedly haunted?
Not alone...

8. Have you ever bobbed for apples?
Yep! im pretty good too =)

9. Have you ever carved a pumpkin?
yeah, speaking of which i need to this year

10. Do you have any Halloween traditions?
Trick Or Treating and watching Rocky Horror

11. Best vampire?
Brad Pitt

12. Are there places in your neighborhood that are considered to be haunted or to have ghosts?
i havent checked.

13. Do you personally know anyone that considers themselves to be a witch or vampire?
yeah, vampire. its funny and i laugh at them. witches are a whole other story though and im not going to get into it

14. What specific Halloween character can you relate to most? maybe, probably cuz ive been one more than once for halloween, but ive also been a werewolf more than once too *ponders*

15. Best band (or bands)to listen to for a Halloween atmosphere.
Oingo Boingo and AFI, the two ultimate halloween bands, BOOYAH!

16. What was the coolest thing you've ever dressed up as?
Edward Scissorhands or a Velociraptor Rapper

17. Do you usually get many trick-or-treaters?
i wouldnt know, i never stay home to find out.

18. Do you decorate? What kinds of things do you do to prepare for Halloween?
deck the halls with ghouls and cobwebs, fa la la la la, la la la la

19. Do you get excited about Halloween?
as excited as a poodle gets when you come home and it pees all over the rug. yes..that excited

20. What is your favorite Halloween memory?
every halloween rocks!!!
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