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Say goodbye to my red hair, Elisha is going to dye it brown on Sunday *squee!* plus im going to get a cut and style. i told her to do what she thinks would look good. shes a hair stylist and to be quite honest, i havent cared much about my hair for quite some time. i just have to make sure she doesnt cut it off cuz she likes short hair, i told her an inch and NO MORE THAN AN INCH. gotta leave some hair to give to the cancer kids...eventually....if i ever get it that long and chop it off again.

also, i dropped off a huge art dump in my DeviantArt gallery, so go check it out. its crap, pure crap, but its something to look at =D

im a very very happy puppy, and Tavis called me a few minutes ago so that makes me even happier. BWEE! *giggles*
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