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mom and i went to Long Beach today to see my grandma *nana* and watch a movie called "Under the Tuscan Sun". It was good, a little too predictable for my taste but the scenery was well worth it.

There's a fire still burning somewhere so the sun was bright red/fuschia. Looked almost apocolyptic...gorgeous =) it was raining ash though and i got some in my mouth. It smells like burning sage outside, *sniff* ahhh =D thats what i love about brush fires, they smell tasty.

mom bought me some groceries today. theres still a strike at albertsons and vons but we crossed their picket line. i want deli meats dammit! =D

Mom, nana and i went to Daphne's Greek cafe and i had some feta/spicy hummus. mmmmmm tasty. i love hummus *drool*

Wrote a letter to Volkswagen asking them to consider a design change for the bumpers on the newer Jetta models cuz right now their bumpers are not high enough to roll over a curb, not low enough to bounce off a curb, but just the right height to get stuck and rip the bumper off. Nice. Hopefully they'll respond. nauta suggested i write them a letter by hand. i may do that. i need stamps.

mm drinking soup =) im gonna go see whats on the TV and...i think thats the sound of my dog eating pizza out of the trashcan gotta go, eep!
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