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Fur and Loathing in Las Vegas

well, i just watched the show CSI and they decided to take a shot at the furry community *no pun intended*

what is it with the misrepresentation of the furry community anyway?
Greg, plague_dog, and even my own mother reminded me to watch the show tonight, and mom said that they were most definitely going to show the unfavorable side of the community. granted, there are people who do that, but from what i gather, Fur Cons have artists and auctions and activities there too, its not just one big fashion show where people bark and squeak and roar at each other. In fact, most of the furs i met RARELY even act furry.

That was kind of funny how the ranger thought the coon guy was a coyote though, lol!

but anyhoo..moving on..i like how the wolf was portrayed. I like how they actually attempted to see that people DO pay a lot of attention to the details of the behaviors of their "animal". that Sexy Kitty thing kind of creeped me out, but the sad part is, its not far from the truth that there are a lot of icky guys out there who pose as sexy female animals. You'd think by now someone would have realized he was a guy though. And im surprised they failed to mention that most of the furry community is gay. You cant deny that fact...its pretty on the ball =P

did anyone else notice that they kind of "forced" the furry vocab words, like.."yiff" and "scritch" to the point where it seemed like the actor, who was trying to convincingly act as a fur, had no idea what the hell they were talking about?

Also, for a cop, that one chick didnt take the "ive seen everything and ill just humor the witnesses" attitude the guy did, and i thought that was very poor form and it irritated me, but i guess thats just her character.

what really is going to suck about all this is im probably going to have to explain the whole furry thing to my roommate tomorrow, and now that this is her first impression, its going to be hard to come down from all of that. *dreads tomorrow*

im interested to hear some input, anyone see it?
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