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Its official!

I have converted Jason into a small dog lover.

At first, he said absolutely no pets allowed in the house as far as renters were concerned
-He gave in after Elisha said she met the dog...and even as shaggy and disgusting as she was at the time, Elisha still convinced Jason she was a good one.

Originally he had told Elisha that if Jesse was going to be allowed in the house, she wouldnt be allowed on the carpet and not allowed on the furniture and would have to stay on her designated pillow if she were going to be allowed in the livingroom (very unrealistic)
-I've witnessed Jesse snuggling up to Jason on the couch several times and he seemed to welcome it.

Jason had told Elisha that he did not like indoor animals and did not believe animals should be in the house
-He always lets Jesse inside from the kennel when he's home and picks her up and hugs her outright 0_o

Jason eventually said to Elisha that if they WERE going to get a dog, it would be a large outside dog
-Tonight Elisha told me that Jason said that if they were to get a dog, it would HAVE to be a small, indoor family dog

Behold the power of Jesse. Bow before your doG =D Jesse has that effect on a lot of people it seems. She can turn the meanest dog hater into a Jesse cuddler. (not that Jason is a dog hater..but Jesse is just that cute!)

Jason even misses Jesse when she's with me and when I was staying at mom's house. He says "Does it seem quieter in here to you? Not that Nicole's rowdy or anything but...the dog...shes not here..." and tonight he kept throwing the ball for her, and even I get bored of that easily, but he didn't seem to mind.

I cant even begin to explain how grateful I am that I'm living in a place that will allow me to have a dog, and what more..they actually LOVE and WELCOME my dog as if she were their own =)
I'm happy that Jesse is in good hands when I'm at school *feels all warm and fuzzy*

Well, we got the new furniture in tonight, after waiting a MONTH for it to get here. It was 2 weeks late =P Elisha bought an oversized chair, a love seat, and a couch. The oversized chair does NOT fit whatsoever so now its on the tile in the entry way kind of blocking the hallway to the bedrooms. Kind of tacky, but with a little rearranging we can make it fit dammit! =D

Elisha, Jason and I watched Fear Factor *gag!* and Las Vegas, but then Elisha and I are going to start a new ritual and watch that new "Average Joe" show on NBC where the beauty queen has to find true love amongst a group of not-so-hot, fat, nerdy guys. I'm lovin the idea and can't wait to see future episodes! Looks promising =) I get a little thrill over watching girls who think theyre "all that and a bag of chips" finally forced to date men who represent your average American male. They're NOT all pretty boys. They don't all have hairstyles girls envy, they don't all shave their chest or wear designer board shorts. I really like the personalities on some of these guys and I suggest you guys check it out, its on Mondays at 10 on NBC. After watching this episode though, I considered myself VERY very very lucky to have actually found someone I'm both physically and mentally attracted to in this sea of not-so-hot's we call the US. (Trust me, California guys are NOT all that great. If theyre decent looking, chances are their personalities suck. WOO HOO NY!!) Love you Tavis =) *kiss* speaking of which, I did a new drawing on my Deviant Art gallery, if anyone wants to check that out.

Well, I'm going to go snuggle with my perfect dog and talk on the phone with my perfect guy and sleep on my perfect mattress *this mattress is giving me the best nights sleep ive gotten in years!!*
So, goodnight all! I am one happy happy wuff. =)
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