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what do you mean you dont see a tiny little oompah band when you daydream?

funniest quote heard today, courtesy of Kids In The Hall =)

What I've eaten today:
2 chocolate donuts

the end.

I'm going to send out a warning to all of you who think of renting/buying 8 crazy nights. NOOOOOOOOOOO! very VERY bad movie! I had never seen it in the theatres and thought it was going to be hilarious, not to mention very good in the animation department since the dudes from "The Iron Giant" made it, but the animation was the only thing that was decent. Adam Sandler makes a cute cartoon character, but the storyline sucked. Adam should have spent a little more money on the writing skills instead of calling in favors from friends. I also did not appreciate all the elderly abuse that went on in that movie. Yeah its a cartoon, but that kind of stuff just really makes me upset. I was kind of happy that they made it so that "cartoons do not necessarily mean its for kids" as this is DEFINITEY not a kids movie. But yeah, don't waste your money. Im so glad i didnt pay 8-9 bucks to see it in the theatres =P

Tavis and i made up a new species last night. i may draw that later today =)
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