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Bill Bill Bill!

Tonight I'm taking care of April and Jesse *yes I smuggled her into the apartment building, but shes quiet so thats good*. Joy isn't coming home tonight cuz shes staying at a friend's house.

Tomorrow, klandagi and I have an Open Canvas date so we can draw some Bill the Butcher fanart. I need to make some more icons, does anyone know how to make an animated icon? I dont know how and I need help =P

Poor Tavis is sick and feels like he's been eating glass. Please send good energy, thoughts and prayers towards him, he needs to get well soon.

June's room smells like piss cuz someone didnt flush the toilet for days and theyre on vacation. Yay for air freshener!

Okay going to go talk to people online now and after that read a book called "Everything You Know Is Wrong" *and no, I'm not talking about the Weird Al song, although thats equally as cool* Swanky =)
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