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O.J's comin', hide your white girl!!

That was the chorus of the weirdest song i just heard on the radio tonight =P

Tonight was good =) Dad invited me up for a steak dinner at June's tonight and he also surprised me by buying Jesse a brand new kennel for her to snuggle up in when shes outside. YAY! It was an $80 kennel though, i hope she likes it =P Dad said to put a shirt of mine that i've been wearing to bed for awhile so my smell is in the kennel when she first goes in, that way she'll get used to it sooner.

Man that steak was good *drool* We also had chocolate cake for dessert, although i have mom's birthday cake here from Marie Callender's and thats chocolatey enough for me thanks =P too much sugar makes Thorn a chubby girl.

We started watching the beginning of that Elizabeth Smart tv movie, but i only got through the first part cuz i didnt want to be driving home at 11 PM with a dog waiting for me outside. we all know what happens in the end anyways.

Poor Tavis is still sick. I hope he's better by tomorrow morning though, he has school. I don't for some reason..its not veterans day tomorrow, but it is tuesday, but there IS school on tuesday although i dont have class.

Something smells like its burning. i think Jason left the heater on again..ew.
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