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I need a life

Well I didn't draw anything last night, so I just uploaded something I had on hand that I seemed to have forgotten to upload earlier
Dante facial expressions

I couldn't get hardly any sleep last night because I had so many ideas running through my head, but what sucks now is I cant remember what they were. I suppose I finally got to sleep because I woke up cuddling the dog talking to her cuz I thought she was Tavis or something. That can't be good, but she didn't mind. I think she has fleas though cuz I'm all itchy. Bathtime for Jesse, which means its also showertime for me...I dont feel like getting wet though its WAY too cold in here.

Today is going to be a really blah day. Kura was supposed to come over to use my tablet but hes not because he doesnt have enough gasoline to get here, nor does he have any money. Isnt that special? I hate being poor, but I hate it most when my friends are poor, then they cant come see me. Sulaco and I are supposed to watch Gangs of New York, Titus and the Gladiator for drawing refs but I'll probably invite him over later this week cuz I don't feel like driving anywhere today. Jaime, are you done moving yet? Kura, you wanna come over too when we do end up watching it? *bored bored bored*

I suppose I'll be working on a few projects I have lined up. I know I need to at least finish sketching nauta's badge and get quicksilver's shipped off. I figured I'd send it along with Khajja's and Nauta's so I can just be over and done with them.

*sigh* I'm gonna go eat some leftover pasta and some chocolate cake and hit myself for not returning that dvd to blockbuster yesterday.
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