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Tomorrow I get to go to work with dad and get my physical so I can start my new job =) That should be fun. Afterwards im going to go with Kura and his family to see Brother Bear. Don't spoil it for me, I've heard mixed reviews, but hopefully ill like it and wont be too critical.

Tonight when I got the kennel out of the car for Jesse, she lept for joy at the sight of it. Some dogs don't like their kennels, but Jesse was kennel trained and loves having a special little spot to curl up in. However, the second I said the word "bath" Jesse freaked out, went to the back of her kennel and wouldnt come out. I tried getting her out with my hands, by her collar, sweet talking her, and even dumping her out of the kennel but that didnt work. =P finally when I went in the other room she came running out thinking I was going to go outside. I looked at her, she looked from side to side and took off running. I caught her though, and now shes all clean =) Now shes sitting in her kennel glaring at me, lol! Poor doggy.

Elisha gave me the whole "ive been meaning to talk to you" deal tonight and one of the topics she brought up was the fact that im tying up the phoneline with my internet use. Whats funny about that is, I'm on during the day when shes not here, and if I'm on at night, its always after shes asleep. Hardly anyone calls the house during the daytime, I know this because I'm usually sitting on the couch watching TV instead of on the computer, but as luck would have it, everytime someone DOES call *which is always Elisha calling for Jason*, I'm online. Whats worse is, Jason is in the garage and though he wouldnt hear the house phone anyways, he leaves his cell phone in the house and doesnt hear THAT when she calls =P

*grumble* well now i gotta find a new way to access the internet. crap.

*looks around* and Elisha has been in my room. nice. I dont go in her room stay out of mine! >=(
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