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See this knife?

Reagan/Sulaco and Kura/Travis came over today. couldnt get ahold of Jaime, once again, but we had fun anyhow. Was kind of funny though, cuz i couldnt get ahold of Reagan and left a message on his answering machine, but thought he wouldbe at his moms house and almost gave up all hope of having him bring his dvd's over. We were all scheduled to watch Gangs of NY, Titus and Gladiator for drawing refs and merriment, and seeing as how Travis showed up at my door with GONY, we figured we would just watch that anyways. Trav and i were getting hungry so on the way to possibly pick up some Arby's, we made it to the driveway and realized we wanted to order pizza, but since we were already in the car, we might as well stop by Reagans house and see if he's home. Now, for those of you who dont know, Reagan lives out in the middle of freaking NOWHERE so for us to go out there would have been a trip and a half, but as we got to his house and noticed the gate was closed, the dark SUV that was following us pulled up alongside and out pops Reagan =P talk about timing/coincidence!

Long story short, we went back to my house, ordered a pizza and watched Titus. Oh my god what a trippy movie! We agreed that a lot of the scenes/styles looked like Turbine Divinity's artwork. Best Shakespearian movie ever. *applauds*! We then watched Gangs of NY and although half way through Elisha kicked us out of the livingroom, we all enjoyed it. Well, me especially since im just that way, but Reagan really liked it and Travis is now in love with Bill. Hes a villain you feel sorry for, and those are my favorite kinds =) Btw, I did some more Bill doodles, and if yous are sick of em, well den I dont give a tupenny fuck (__];{ (thats supposed to be a Bill smiley btw..omg im so freakin cleaver..i mean CLEVER! hee hee oh im bad)

Tavis called as i was saying goodbye to everyone and started taking polls about everyones opinion on three ways *always a crowd pleaser* and after the guys left i talked to him for a few. My stupid phone doesnt charge fast enough, also i forgot to charge it so it went dead 20 minutes into our convo. I had to let it charge a half an hour but by then Tav was just about asleep =P rar, i hate not having a wall charger for my particular phone. Verizon wireless: we never stop working for ass.

Okie, im going to class tomorrow so i probably should get to bed. HA sleep is for weenies! *drinks some more cream soda*
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