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now i know how the original owner lost it...

Yesterday i lost my diamond ring. Grandma had found a diamond ring on the ground and gave it to me, and i lost it. I dont know where i last saw it cuz its not like i was looking at my hands all day, so it was sometime between when i left the house and lunchtime at work. i checked the parkinglot, no luck. my car, nothing. even my driveway at home..i didnt see it. *sulk* I sure hope i find it.

On another depressing note, i think i failed my math test. theres this one question that seemed oh so simple, yet i couldnt for the life of me figure it out. heres the problem:
You buy 5 apples and 5 pears and it costs you $6.00. Your friend buys 4 apples and 3 pears and it costs her $4.05. How much do apples cost? How much to pears cost? anyone know how to solve this one? I tried every known method but couldnt get very far with any of em. Its so simple! arrgh!

Tavis sent me this pic, which cheered me up for a bit =) thank you puppy *hugs*

btw, do NOT try the McChicken at McDonalds. Sure theyre supposedly using white meat in the nuggets, but the chicken sandwich looks like it was made of the chicken parts KFC rejected. No joke, i bit into a fatty piece of gristle my first bite. it looks good, but the only thing that helped me get it down was the flavor of the mayonaise. The fries are always good though. =)

Drew this the other night while i was testing out photoshop. its been acting funny and not to my liking. i may do more with this sketch, but im not going to promise anything.

counting down the hours until i have to go to sleep.
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