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Brought my prom picture of Tavis to work today. Everyone thought he was cute and that we make a cute couple. I told them how he flew out for 2-3 days JUST for my prom and they all went "AWWW". =)hes sitting on my keyboard so i can stare at him while typing *swoon*

I came to work today and the parkinglot smelled like wet cow dung. Theres a cow pasture close to the office and they stink up the whole town. =P ew.

When I got into the building I noticed an envelope on my desk which I didn't put there in the first place, and it was resting in my desktop file folder. Amy told me that the ladies in Customer Services came by earlier and were angry at me because they thought I was taking their stuff. Apparently only customer services are supposed to use the brown envelopes and the CRM people (ie: me) are supposed to use the white ones. Its segregation of the envelopes i tell ya. Like some overposessive envelope street gang. I think they just wanted something to get on me about. Maybe i should go over there and mix up their black and silver paperclips =>

speaking of paperclips, dad had this cool office practical joke he plays on people. He takes all the paperclips in a paperclip box and links them altogether so its one long string of em. He then goes up to someone and throws the contents of the box on them and when they scramble around thinking theyre covered in loose paperclips, they notice theyre all linked together and have a good laugh. dad goes "here why dont you try this with someone" and instead of giving them the box with the paperclips all linked together, he hands them a box of normal paperclips without them knowing, so when they go to try it on someone else, they piss them off and have to pick up all the loose paperclips =D *tee hee* its a lot funnier when im not typing out the explanation. i promise.

Another thing is, dad brings flavored creamer into work with him and puts it in the breakroom fridge. people are oh eager to use things that are not theirs, especially flavored creamer, and by the time dad got to it, his creamer was completely gone. He then got to a point where he would fill the creamer container with ice water so thieves would get an unpleasant surprise along with their lesson about stealing when they dumped it into their morning coffee. Ken (my boss and family friend) and i were talking about this and he suggested putting spoiled orange juice in the container instead of ice water, but quickly took it back thinking it was just too evil a thing to say, but this is coming from a guy who in the words of Homer Simpson "instead of swatting a fly would give it a bath and send it on its way", and the thought of him being the least bit evil is laughable, although spoiled orange juice is pretty nasty. Now dad keeps his flavored creamer in individual little packets in his office. He put them on a lower shelf so i could reach them. so thoughtful =)

Amy is wearing a really cute shirt today, but it says Lifeguard: New York, and ill say this: it will be a cold day in hell before /I/ would ever be a Lifeguard in NY. have you SEEN the water??!

okay breaks over, gotta get back to work
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