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my tummy hurts - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
my tummy hurts
well i just dumped a 2 week old, rock hard chocolate cake on the ground and guess who attacked it. Jesse. >_< ARRRRRRGHHH! i tried sweeping it up and shooing her away with the broom but she is insane when it comes to chocolate and just my luck its one of the main things that are seriously bad for her. she was literally kissing the ground trying to inhale what my broom didnt sweep up =P good, shes eating her regular food now. I bet you anything she thinks the kibbles are cocoa puffs.

I left my keys at work, but luckily dad had to go back to the office to get his car so he grabbed em for me. I wont get them until sunday though so if i go out this weekend im going to have to break in. poo =P im super organized when it comes to work but when it comes to real life, boy do i suck at everything. Ken gave me 2 lunch breaks today, even though i didnt eat during either of them, so he could pick up my dads car from the mechanic. I love my job =) Everyone knows me, my boss is a family friend, i get paid pretty darn well, my dads only 4 yards away, the break rooms even closer, I get to sit down, my company does something important (as opposed to manufacturing kooshballs)..what more could I ask for? *delighted sigh*

Tavis called a little earlier to thank me for not interrupting him during band practice. While that was very sweet of him, Im thinking his friends think i do that a lot. Now i'm embarrassed =/

Oh yeah and for the record, if im talking to you online and i disappear and dont come back, its my connection. chances are it kicked me off and i gave up trying. I wont be offended if youre not there by the time i get back.

Current Mood: nauseated nauseated
Current Music: The Cure - Close To Me

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cricket_fur From: cricket_fur Date: November 22nd, 2003 12:22 am (UTC) (Link)
lol at least your dog eats stuff that is some form of food matter... my dog has been known to eat rocks. Nummeh! They fused in her stomach and had to be surgically removed...almost twice, but thankfully the second time they passed on their own....yeeeaaah..nice image >.< erf
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