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wow the internet isnt as fun as it used to be.

Yesterday I woke up feelin kind of sick so i slept until 1. Was supposed to go see mom but im going to go over tonight and spend the night until monday so i can go to school. Dad invited me over to June's for prime rib *tasty* so thats the only time i left the house.

Was informed im probably not going to get to see tavis this christmas because of scheduling problems. apparently that week off i was supposed to get most likely wont happen unless the rest of my department takes it off too, so im going to be doing a lot of convincing over the next couple of weeks. *le sigh*.

Elisha's sister broke up with her boyfriend last night so she was over crying. Sucks though, cuz she has his innitials tattooed on her leg. that has got to be one of the biggest mistakes ever. youre just BEGGING to break up the minute you get their name/innitials/likeness tattooed on yourself.

okie gonna go download music now.
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