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Oh yeah, you know you love me....*takes a bow*

okay, talked to the little girl *yes...little girl* who took the artwork and this is what happened..

NicoleSD: hello =)
NicoleSD: hello? you there?
estufa2000: whos this
NicoleSD: someone who saw your site
estufa2000: oh
estufa2000: yeah
estufa2000: cann i help
NicoleSD: yes you can help me.
NicoleSD: by removing my artwork
NicoleSD: this is Thornwolf
estufa2000: oh
estufa2000: ok
NicoleSD: are you going to remove my artwork? as well as sabarikas and wolfmoons?
estufa2000: yeah
estufa2000: give me a minute
NicoleSD: why didnt you just ask me in the first place?
NicoleSD: sure
estufa2000: hold on
estufa2000: oh and im sorry ok
NicoleSD: okay. all is forgiven as long as you remove ALL of the stolen artwork. mine and everyone elses
estufa2000: im going to
NicoleSD: i just want to let you know in the future, it really doesnt hurt to ask =)
estufa2000: i know but how was i supposed to contactr you?
NicoleSD: if you look at the site you got the art from, youll see i have an e-mail address
NicoleSD: plain as day on the main page
estufa2000: ok
estufa2000: there
estufa2000: all artwork has been removed
NicoleSD: thank you very much, i greatly appreciate it
estufa2000: what ever i hope your happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
NicoleSD: i am very happy indeed. because now i know my artwork is no longer stolen
estufa2000: i was going to delete it eventually i was waiting to see what people thought then i would tell them they could go to the vcl!
estufa2000: but fine
NicoleSD: waiting to see what people thought?
NicoleSD: what do you mean?
estufa2000: yeah, the people i talk to look at that site and i tell them where to go to see more artwork
estufa2000: i always change what i have on those pages
NicoleSD: well you need to ask the artists before displaying their work
estufa2000: alright whatever'
NicoleSD: and changing my name to Jackalin just added insult to injury
NicoleSD: dont say whatever do me its offensive
NicoleSD: makes me think youre not listening to my warning
estufa2000: i am for your information ok
estufa2000: im just trying to listen to 3 things at the same time and its frustrating
NicoleSD: hey. no need to get huffy. i think ivebeen more than friendly to you during this conversation
NicoleSD: well im sorry to be part of that frustration but dont you think im a bit frustrated?
estufa2000: i know sorry im just frustrated
NicoleSD: okay.
estufa2000: yeah
NicoleSD: can i ask a question? whats an estufa?
estufa2000: lol
estufa2000: it means stove in spanish and since my name is stephanie then in spanish they call me estufa or estufy
NicoleSD: oooooh i get it *snicker*
estufa2000: lol
estufa2000: whats the sd stand for?
estufa2000: aww, i have to go
NicoleSD: San Diego
estufa2000: oh
NicoleSD: okay well thank you for your cooperation
estufa2000: ok, cya
NicoleSD: ciao

so yeah, in short, all artwork, and i mean ALL artwork, has been deleted from the site. you may thank me at the door =)

lol! its been fun!
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