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I WON THE WAR ON ART THEFT! - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
Oh yeah, you know you love me....*takes a bow*

okay, talked to the little girl *yes...little girl* who took the artwork and this is what happened..

NicoleSD: hello =)
NicoleSD: hello? you there?
estufa2000: whos this
NicoleSD: someone who saw your site
estufa2000: oh
estufa2000: yeah
estufa2000: cann i help
NicoleSD: yes you can help me.
NicoleSD: by removing my artwork
NicoleSD: this is Thornwolf
estufa2000: oh
estufa2000: ok
NicoleSD: are you going to remove my artwork? as well as sabarikas and wolfmoons?
estufa2000: yeah
estufa2000: give me a minute
NicoleSD: why didnt you just ask me in the first place?
NicoleSD: sure
estufa2000: hold on
estufa2000: oh and im sorry ok
NicoleSD: okay. all is forgiven as long as you remove ALL of the stolen artwork. mine and everyone elses
estufa2000: im going to
NicoleSD: i just want to let you know in the future, it really doesnt hurt to ask =)
estufa2000: i know but how was i supposed to contactr you?
NicoleSD: if you look at the site you got the art from, youll see i have an e-mail address
NicoleSD: plain as day on the main page
estufa2000: ok
estufa2000: there
estufa2000: all artwork has been removed
estufa2000: www.geocities.com/lil_estufy
NicoleSD: thank you very much, i greatly appreciate it
estufa2000: what ever i hope your happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
NicoleSD: i am very happy indeed. because now i know my artwork is no longer stolen
estufa2000: i was going to delete it eventually i was waiting to see what people thought then i would tell them they could go to the vcl!
estufa2000: but fine
NicoleSD: waiting to see what people thought?
NicoleSD: what do you mean?
estufa2000: yeah, the people i talk to look at that site and i tell them where to go to see more artwork
estufa2000: i always change what i have on those pages
NicoleSD: well you need to ask the artists before displaying their work
estufa2000: alright whatever'
NicoleSD: and changing my name to Jackalin just added insult to injury
NicoleSD: dont say whatever do me its offensive
NicoleSD: makes me think youre not listening to my warning
estufa2000: i am for your information ok
estufa2000: im just trying to listen to 3 things at the same time and its frustrating
NicoleSD: hey. no need to get huffy. i think ivebeen more than friendly to you during this conversation
NicoleSD: well im sorry to be part of that frustration but dont you think im a bit frustrated?
estufa2000: i know ..im sorry im just frustrated
NicoleSD: okay.
estufa2000: yeah
NicoleSD: can i ask a question? whats an estufa?
estufa2000: lol
estufa2000: it means stove in spanish and since my name is stephanie then in spanish they call me estufa or estufy
NicoleSD: oooooh i get it *snicker*
estufa2000: lol
estufa2000: whats the sd stand for?
estufa2000: aww, i have to go
NicoleSD: San Diego
estufa2000: oh
NicoleSD: okay well thank you for your cooperation
estufa2000: ok, cya
NicoleSD: ciao

so yeah, in short, all artwork, and i mean ALL artwork, has been deleted from the site. you may thank me at the door =)

lol! its been fun!

Current Mood: accomplished accomplished

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silver_huskey From: silver_huskey Date: September 8th, 2002 11:16 am (UTC) (Link)
*toots a flute* Congrats Thorn, i'm hella happy you showed those art theives whos boss! ^_^ If there is one thing I can't stand it's a theif. It's a damn shame when people don't take pride in originality anymore and stoop to stealing.
arbeywolf From: arbeywolf Date: September 8th, 2002 11:42 am (UTC) (Link)
woohoo! Congrats Thorn...hopefully she got the message and won't do it again.
winterwinstar From: winterwinstar Date: September 8th, 2002 01:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
oh she won't, I can garanntee that (devilish grin)
pardouncia From: pardouncia Date: September 8th, 2002 06:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh no, what'd you do Winter? Did you hack into her computer and fry it or something?

Congrats Thorn. I'm glad you were able to get this issue settled. This calls for celebration. Catnip tea all around!
winterwinstar From: winterwinstar Date: September 8th, 2002 06:38 pm (UTC) (Link)


NO but she will get another earfull from me through many hate emails loll
arbeywolf From: arbeywolf Date: September 8th, 2002 08:06 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: :P

Glad to hear it Winter.
moonlightgryph From: moonlightgryph Date: September 8th, 2002 10:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm glad you got her to take the pics down. Can't say I like the attitude she presented in the im's... But, at least the art was taken down. ^_^
redcoatcat From: redcoatcat Date: September 8th, 2002 10:51 pm (UTC) (Link)

Victory! =^,,^=

Gotta love that art theif attitude..So thick and so world-is-against-me!

Glad to hear they're taking down the art! Which is really good, thornwolf sticks it to the maaaan =P

Heheh sorry must add.
Why do they come up with half assed excuses that they are helping artists by stealing art?.. Like the "i tell them where to go to see more artwork

Lay it on even more, I don't think I smell the BS in that back story!
Last excuse I got for someone stealing my art was
"I'm promoting your art on a small scale"

LOL I'm not sure which one is worse, but some how I belive all art theives think on same levels *maybe bad breeding*.. =P

8 comments or Leave a comment