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Happy Day After Turkey Day!

MMmmmmmmMMmmmm turkey sandwiches =D

What happened yesterday
woke up at 4 AM, left at 5 and got to Havasu at 9 AM. I slept the entire way =D
Its surprisingly cold in Havasu during this time of year, but thats probably because i'm always here in the summertime and never here in the fall/winter.
What we had:
appetizers- shrimp cocktail and olive/cream cheese/tortilla rolls
dinner - Turkey *duh*, garlic mashed potatoes, candied yams *complete with brown sugar, butter and marshmallows...mmmmm! my fave!*, stuffing *im not a fan, but i had some anyways, we had 2 kinds, one with onions, one without*, rolls, mom's cranberry sauce *its chunky, not canned*, and broccoli with mayonaise *dont knock it till you've tried it*. And for dessert, June's mom made homemade pumpkin pies. We ran out of crust for one of em so we had a big bowl of cooked pumpkin left over in the fridge =P ew. we also had Mimosas *champagne and orange juice* mmm put me in a room with mimosas and yams and i wont come out for days =D

after dinner i was completely and utterly exhausted so i slept for a good hour after helping grandma with the dishes. What is it with this family and constantly yelling my name really loud even though they know perfectly well where I am? I was sleeping on the couch and everyone goes "NICOLE! NICOLE!! NICOLE!!" almost like they were looking for me. so i got up and went in my room, they didnt want me hogging the couch apparently =P

Tavis called me a couple of times yesterday and it was good to drool over what we both had for dinner and compare notes. Thanksgiving and Halloween are BY FAR my favorite holidays =D yay for autumn!

I watched a little Tv last night and then talked to Tavis before bed

what happened this morning

We all woke up at 5 to be ready by 5:30 for the giant *day after Thanksgiving day* sales that start at 6 AM. I always get the coolest clothes during those sales, and i DESPERATELY needed work clothes. wallmart was packed too..its a couple doors down from JCPenny's where we were. 2 women got arrested for fighting over a clearance Barbie doll 5 minutes after Walmart opened =P talk about a crappy way to spend your vacation.

Grandma gets a JCPenny's associates discount because she worked for them for a long time, so on top of the sale, we get an extra 15% off =D I got:
-black polyester pants
-gray polyester pants
-burgundy, black, and tan turtleneck sweater/shirts

then i lost all hope of finding a jacket when i run into dad and he found 2 hoodies, one blue and one gray, that were just my size! we got those too..

then, while passing the little boys section, dad spots some cool looking sweaters and he holds one up to me and tells me to try it on. It fits and looks great! =D its green with a cream colored stripe on it, and then i got a cream one with a green stripe, and i also got a dark gray cotton turtleneck. I love the boy's section, its where i got my snow parka that fits me oh so well *swoon*

came home, took a nap. Woke up and made myself a sandwich then Dad's friend Darryl came over and took us to show us his new boat. I dont really like it mainly because theres no room on the deck and the bow of the boat has a room for everyone to sit down with a tv and stuff..but its a speed boat. thats not what theyre for. youre not supposed to relax on a speed boat =P whatever. His dog, Roxy was cute.

came home and i went for a walk looking for sage. Didn't find any where I was looking, I'll look elsewhere.

Okay i think im going to go pounce on the yams before everyone eats them all *drool*

*edit* livejournal is being stupid cuz im in a different time zone so i have to backdate the entry. thpppptt
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