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character survey thingy mabobby

1. The Happiest?
Thorn. She doesn't have a care in the world it seems. Lucky.

2. The most Depressed and unhappy with life?
Remmington probably because his father hates him.

3. Easily Gets angry?
Smiley. hes a disgruntled smilodon and i'm sure having to drag around those giant teeth would make one really cranky.

4. Would rather be alone most of the time?
most of my characters are loners, but i think Corbin and Smiley take the cake.

5. Annoying as hell?
Niko is the most annoying, but i wouldnt say she is as annoying as hell. You'd have to ask Dante about that one =)

6. Just a complete asshole?
Smiley, definitely. When possible, he will go out of his way to make another's life miserable.

7. Would jump in front of a Bullet to save their Friends?
Corbin. He's gone through so much in his life he wouldnt think twice about dying.

8. Shy and not very talkative?
Thorn. she's the "Silent Bob" of my characters

9. Full of themselves?
Niko. but then am i sometimes.

10. Always ready for fight?
Niko and Corbin

11. Would find the best way to avoid a fight?
Thorn and Red Velved. Red is only a puppy so its not like she would stand much of a chance. Thorn avoids it unless she absolutely HAS to fight. Oh yeah, and Quasi. He's a Quagga zebra so its not like he would stand much of a chance either.

12. Needs Company 24/7?
Actually none of my characters. I have a tendency to draw loners =P

13. Loves the sound of their own voice?
Niko talks just to talk, but i wouldnt say she likes the sound of her own voice. My other characters dont really talk anyhow =P

14. Trys to be the leader of the pack?
Niko definitely. She's so small but shes got that "Napoleon syndrome" where she thinks shes the big dog of the bunch

15. Wanting revenge?
Corbin. He hates humans with a passion.

Part 2
1. Who is your Main Character?
Thorn and Niko definitely

2. Who are He/She's best friend/s?
Thorn: her packmates (Engel, Kura and Tiffalynx) , Niko: Dante, Travis and Tiff

3. Does He/She have a GF/BF/Married?
Thorn: Engel, Niko: Dante

4. Does He/She have a rival?
Thorn: not really, Niko: the whole world's against her, or so she thinks =P

5. Does your main char represent the r/l you?
Niko. Thorn is more of an entity than a direct representation of myself.

6. What character are you really proud you created?
I'm proud of all my characters but i rarely draw any of em cuz i'm never happy witht heir designs.

7. Do you think about your chars a lot?
Yep. just this weekend i made up a few other ones.

8. Do you ever wish you could meet your chars in r/l?
No, definitely not Niko especially. that would be too weird.

9. Do you remember the moment you created your first Char?
I always made up characters since i first started drawing but my 2 main ones were 2 schnauzer brothers, one named Spike and the other was Butch or Rex or somethingl ike that. i was really young.

10. Is Originality important to you when creating a Character?
VERY MUCH so. which is why i've kind of abandoned my TLK-ish char, Kifani.

11. Do you ever look at somebody's character and wish it was yours?
Sometimes i say to myself " i wish i thought of that".

12. Can you see yourself keeping this up in the future?
I hope so, making characters keeps my creativity flowing.

On another note, I'm feeling fairly creative today, but of course the day im feeling creative i have to go to class. meh =P *stomps off*
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