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Thorn is on drugs, SHAME!

I swear to god, I havent been this energized in awhile. I dont know what caused it, and no its not drugs im just being silly, although I'm acting like I'm on speed or something.

For example, in the last couple of days I've slept less than I've ever slept before, yet I've produced more artwork than I ever have. I finished Swiftrat's commission in less than 2 days for godssake 0_o thats a new personal record!

I just now spent a bit of time on my "Bacchus" pic and am planning on selling it at FC God willing. Thank you to Westly for being my "agent" and thank you to StarFinder for helping me get all the info. Here's to hoping I actually get a panel *prays* If I do, im planning on selling "Bacchus", "Crush" and that howling coyote WIP im just going to crop it and sell it as is. I think it looks fine anyhow =)

Aside from artwork, I started to pick up my clothes and put them in my hamper, pretty soon i gutted my room, windexed everything, washed my sheets and comforter, washed my clothes, organized my books/electronics. all I have to do is vaccuum. I then started moving onto the bathroom and put Comet in the tub. Its like once i start something I just have to keep going. I even woke up before my alarm this morning. What is going on?! =P

Hopefully I'll finish Bacchus soon. I need something to make /me/ happy =)

oh yeah and i found this amusing:

Me: I need to lose weight by Christmas
Tavis: why?
Me: Cuz I'm getting a "spare tire".
Tavis: oh that will be good.
Me: what?
Tavis: getting a spare tire
Me: on my tummy?
Tavis: .....wait..what? I didn't pay attention to the first part of that sentence..

=D *huggles and snuggles*

oh that reminds me i need to make some more mood icons for myself. *goes to doodle*
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