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Things were going so well too...

well I've hit a bout of depression again. Mostly i get like this during the holidays, but I've already decided in November I'm not doing presents this year. Just cards for friends and family. I don't expect anything in return either. There's just a lot going on in my life that's gotten me down...disappointments mostly. I've also decided bottom line: I'm not going to FC. Not only that..I'm selling my pics early. I can't afford to get them framed and all gussied up beforehand. I have lots of other problems to worry about and I really need to stop doing so much furry art anyways.

So here, please, take advantage of this. I'm selling them for lower than I would have at FC. I'm heartbroken, yes, but I'm also realistic.

I'm debating on taking down that sketch commission too. No bids yet, not a good sign. *sigh*
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