An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
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favor to ask

Does anyone have any outdated wildlife/animal calendars they wouldn't mind giving me? I'm not talking those cute puppy/kitten ones, but actual animals, or even humans. I'm starting a collection. I'll pay for shipping if that poses any problems. Thank you in advance =)

btw, again, thank you thank you THANK YOU to katarina42 for the sketchbook, cd's and beanie babies. how much do i owe you for the CD's again? i forgot. I can paypal that to you when i get back on monday.

I'm goin to mom's house for the weekend so..i wont be around. I've been kinda busy lately, and sorry if i seem to blow people off when im online. I have limited time on my AOL account again, even though im 18 years old, but that doesnt seem to matter to the owner of the master AOL account. bleh. ah well, i'm not missing it.

Catch you guys later and don't forget, only a couple more days left on my originals/commission auctions. check em out =)
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