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apparently we caught wooley willy

Yay! We caught Saddam! Now where oh where is that Osama hiding? =P

S.H.'s has got a nice beard goin there. hope they shave him though, he looks like a bum. Am I the only one who kind of feels sorry for him, not as a tyrant, but as a human being? Being on the run for a year and having your sons killed and being hated by several large countries sure must suck. But then again...I might as well start sympathizing with Hitler. Nevermind. =P

Yesterday, Mom gave me some christmas money early and I went to the Macaroni Grill with Kura to celebrate. was it good! We got shirley temples, ceasar salad, shrimp and artichoke dip, and i got some lobster ravioli while Kura got some sausage spicy pasta thing. sooooo tasty! Afterwards, we went to PetCo and I bought my little fluffy pup some Christmas presents. I may sound like a total psycho, but my dog is the only one I'm buying presents this year. I can't afford presents for everyone and at least I know Jesse would appreciate them. Not to mention I kind of owe it to her to give her something to entertain herself while she's locked up in a pen for 8 + hours a day *sad*. I bought her a nylabone for her teeth, some Canine Carryout treats, and a Kong. If you've ever seen those things, they are the coolest toys ever! Theyre like this ball/cone thing that has a hole in it so you can stick a treat in there, keeps your dog gnawing and licking at the toy for hours. I'd say thats good for a dog that gets bored easily while I'm at work =)

I've been doing some thinking lately, and some talking with Tav, and If mom and Mike go to Boston, I'm not going to go with them, but the dog is. That way I dont have to worry about school and whatnot, and I can keep things together out here, meanwhile, if I need to find a place, I dont have to worry about finding a place that allows pets *its next to impossible out here.* and while I will miss her terribly, she will have tons of attention because mom and Mike have overlapping schedules, so at least one person will be home with her at all times. *sigh* poor little poocher.

Mom and I decorated the tree last night and we found some reindeer antlers for me and some pet antlers for Jesse. She hates wearing em, but I should find a camera, hee hee!

ok gotta go to class, but I just wanna say this last thing: guess how much money I spent on christmas cards this year..

......$50 0_o omfg! I'm going to die, but at least I didnt buy everyone presents. THAT i simply CAN'T afford.
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