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case of mistaken identity, im sorry

okay. im a dork.

This is to you, anonymous person who posted on my live journal.
I am sorry. I am sorry for my rude remark, i thought you were someone else. that goes to show people that when you post anonymously on my journal, i dont know who it is *obviously* and in this case i jumped to conclusions and said some things i shouldnt have, and they were directed at someone that i DO NOT like. They were not, however, directed at you...anonymous person with the helpful tips. so i am sorry. hope you accept this

if you read this often, you will know i am not a mean wolf, nor do i have any enemies. i hope to not make one of you. *offers a hug*
*droops ears*

god im an idiot. see folks? this is what hatred does to you. its not good to hate. let this be a lesson to you all.
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