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creativity comes but once a year

well not really..but stuff I can actually sell might.

I got the sudden bright idea to make my own ornaments. I'm calling them...oh my god I'm so bad...thornaments. hardy har har! =P

Theyre pretty cute, and I may be selling them year round so people can get a head start on christmas shopping and whatnot. for now I only have four, and theyre unpainted, but theyre cute as hell and would make great gifts. Right now I have:

-a sleeping fox with a santa hat
-a fox kit with a ribbon around its neck
-a husky/wolf popping out of a christmas stocking
-a gryphon holding a really large candy cane

the gryphon is going to be offered as a *pick your colors* thornament because there's just so many multicolored gryphons out there I dont think it would be at all fair of me to pick a generic color or something...and apply it to an ornament that could just as easily be custom painted.

I'll have some other customizable ones as well, and in the future I will be offering custom ornament commissions on furbid later on, perhaps after the new year *yes bad timing i know* but at least people can get a head start on gifts and I don't swamp myself before a major holiday.

why am i doing ornaments? cuz i left my sketchbook and commission crap at home and ive been dying to do something with my hands all weekend. 0_o besides, ive always had a love for sculpture, but havent done it in years. Ill post pics of em when theyre painted. huzzah!

ok going to go make another Thornament =)
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