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list of Thornaments

heres all the Thornaments I've made so far:

-husky/wolf popping out of a stocking ($10)
-fox kit with ribbon around its neck *already painted*($10)
-sleeping fox with santa hat ($15)
-custom paintable gryphon with large candy cane- pick your colors($20)
-custom paintable gryphon with santa hat -pick your colors ($20)
- coyote with santa hat ($10)
- tiger with santa hat ($10)
- otter with candy cane (for my mom, not for sale)

if anyone wants one of these after theyre painted, leave a reply and well make arrangements for them to be sent. yeah, im kicking myself for not doing this sooner, but at least youll have it for next christmas.

on another note, you know you live/work in the boonies when a large tumbleweed is blocking your access to your office building.
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