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counting down the days until christmas

and my cards are going to be late. I just know it. I ran out of stamps for my cards today and i rarely have the time to go to the post office. Poo =P

Today was my last day of figure drawing class. I thought there was going to be some kind of discussion, but there wasnt. It was basically a "talk amongst ourselves" hour. When I walked in, plague_dog was fast asleep on the chair and I tried poking him, but it took him awhile to wake up. Good thing he woke up and moved a bit, cuz seconds later he was almost pelted by a flying kneaded eraser. The people in our class are so immature =P

Jaime showed up a bit later and we sat around having a chat, when finally our teacher came in and said "I hope you are all successful. Have a good break."

Hung out with Jaime a bit and got a Nesquik before I left to go hang out with Tiffany. Jaime call us so we can all hang out over break!

Spending time with Tiff was good. We went to the bank *which took about 20 minutes*. Some guy came in and started yelling at the bank managers about how service at that particular branch is horrible and how they have like 9 windows but only 2 tellers on shift with 25 people in line. Its true...and it does suck, but he stormed out of the bank with everyone staring at him. Im an I clapped. Well hey, I agree with him. That particular WellsFargo sucks ass and they NEVER have any more than 2 or 3 people on shift. I hate banks. I hate them with a passion. I'm actually considering keeping my money in a sock drawer I hate banks so much.

Anyhoo..afterwards we went to go see our old art teacher, Snid. That was really fun and I really enjoyed myself. He checked out some of my art and said I should write and illustrate a children's book, but problem is, I cant write. I can, but I'm not the greatest, so if anyone has a story they want illustrated, ask me. I'm looking for work. Other than that, Snid and I came up with another project for me to work on. He's going to be my official critiquer *is that a word?* and offered to help me market my art. So sweet =) I really wanna crank out some drawings to show him ASAP. I think thats what I'll do on my spare time rather than focusing so much on the furry fandom. Sad, but...I need work and I need to spend time developing my talent rather than resting on a crutch of comfort.

Went to see Mez my animation teacher, but he was filming some Matrix-esque thing with some students in the digital media room. He was all dressed up in his Neo trenchcoat and everything. Didn't want to disturb him.

Afterwards, Tiff and I went to Jalapinos for lunch and discussed lots of junk. I had the best flauta ever..MMMM!! God I'm going to miss mexican food when I move to the east coast. *swoon*

After that, we went through the drive through car wash. Thats always fun for me. I never get tired of it. Sad, but...its like an outing. "hey lets go to the drive through car wash!" =P Im a dork, I know.

Last minute, we decided to go to Dairy Queen for some Blizzards when Tony, Tiff's ex boyfriend showed up. Talk about random. She was planning on seeing him later this evening anyways so that was kind of a nice surprised. It was nice seeing him.

Tiff and I then went back to her place to talk and check out her art projects. I think that art school did her a lot of good as far as creativity and learning goes, but if she's not happy in the environment then it's not worth it. I hope she finds what shes looking for when she attends palomar and the Santa Clara school she's planning on going to. It will be nice having her around. Other than that, if I get accepted to Pratt, I can test the waters for her and if I like it, maybe I can convince her to come with me =D *nudge nudge* TIFF IM GOING TO BE LONELY OMG! *well..for GIRL least..*

Drove Tiff to Tony's house and headed back home. Mom was very sick tonight and didnt feel like hanging out so I'll just go ahead and see her this weekend. *sigh* I'm lonely again, but feeling super inspired thanks to Tiff's projects and my talk with Snid today. *grin grin grin grin*

I'm bad though. I dont work on my commissions. I have only 2 right now, but still, I'm not feeling inspired for those quite honestly, and one individual still hasnt given me his char refs yet so I'm in no hurry with his. sorry kaffe that I'm taking so long with yours. I should have mentioned that i not only suck at star wars, but i hate it =P I'll finish what I have though so you can have it, but after that, no more star wars stuff. yip. I'm done.

Now to paint Kaffe's la la
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