An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

hello miss jump to conclusions

okay, this week has not been one of my finest. I have been jumping to conclusions a lot lately. whether it has been the stress of school or....well...i dunno. lets just say i have ABSOLUTELY NO excuse.
for those of you who i have offended, i am sorry.

here are some example of Thorn's biggest blunders:

An anonymous poster on my LJ told me *Learn some new CG skills!!*
i told them to drop dead in so many words
turns out they were actually offering helpful advice

way to fix this:
on their part....dont say vague statements that can be taken harshly
on my part...dont be a bitch. its not becoming of me.

Tavis brings up how the band members of Sum41 sleep with lots of different girls and proceeds to explain that weve been dating for 6 months and has never had the ability to do anything with another girl.
i blatantly cut him off and told him 'dont talk to me'
but apparently i interrupted him. cuz he was saying how the reason that this is so is because he doesnt WANT to and says im the only girl for him and thats all he needs to be happy. he also added 'dont jump to conclusions, silly girl.'

then i got mad at Iditarod for 'stealing' my balto sprites and using them for avatars on TIB. apparently i told silver she could post them as public use avatars awhile back and forgot about it.
Iditarod wasnt breaking any rules.

So to everyone ive hurt, i am sorry
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