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Tis the season..

Woo I have been gone gone solid gone for the past couple of days. Sorry to all of you who have been wondering where I have been. Work has been kicking my ass, so have the holidays. Blessed Yule to all of you earth-religious folk out there and Happy Hanukkah to all you Jews. I've never met anyone who celebrated Kwanzaa but Happy Holidays to you too.

Gah Christmas is coming up so fast I'm going to shit a brick.

Yesterday I went with mom to see my Nana in Long Beach. Visiting her isn't always so pleasant but every year she gets me 100-200 bucks for X-mas, so I can put up with the negativity for an hour. She doesn't have to get it for me, since I never see her and all, but its more than generous. She got mom and Mike some money as well, and Mom and I spent our wad at Bed Bath and Beyond. I had gone there the other day with dad and got the "designers itch" to start decorating my room. Dad gave me one of my x-mas presents early, that being a new bedspread that's rather artistic and has warm grays and pewter accents on it *he knows what i like..squee!*, but I want to go for more of a green and earthtone look. Just my luck that happens to be popular now *i have mixed feelings on that...i hate it when my colors are popular, but it makes them all the easier to find* Mom loved the otter ornament I gave her and fussed over it for 15 minutes saying things like "OMG SOOOO CUTE!" and whatnot =) *beam* I like that she appreciates my artwork. hardly anyone else in this family does.

at Bed Bath and Beyond i bought myself some moss and this goldish color towels, a sage green soap dispenser with silver trim and a sage green chenille blanket that was 10% off since it was the display blanket. I also bought a picture frame for my picture of Tav and I and a new alarm clock, since I was late to work friday and got written up by my own father. wee! Since he's still my dad and i love him anyways, I bought him a soap dispenser for the lake house. *is a good daughter*

Mom bought a new bedspread for her bedroom after much convincing by me, as well as some tassles for her curtains and some towels. She has the dark lavender/light green/tan/off white color scheme going on and I've been dying to help her redo the rest of her house in those colors and get rid of the "jungle" theme entirely. I'm tired of all the animal print crap we bought 8 years ago.

Friday, the day I was late to work, dad had me run a couple errands with him at the Ontario Mills mall *which reeks of cows by the way...theres a cow pasture near my work and the whole business park smells like bull shit....only..literally*

we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get grandma a christmas present and ended up spending $60 on "cool" items for the kitchen at the lake house. Afterwards, I mentioned to dad that I was having a hard time seeing, so we made a quick run to Lensecrafters to get my eyes examined. I got my eyes dialated so I looked like a sad puppy for awhile. God it was awful =P I had originally planned on getting glasses and going frames shopping with tiff so I could get an honest opinion on what looked good, since my last pair were super hideous/shiny armani frames that I havent put on in 7 years and refuse to wear..but dad and I found a reall adorable pair that matches my hair and my facial structure, so guess what...THORN HAS GLASSES!!! 8) omg I'm such a dork. Tavis started calling me Dork-Tron =P blah. Ill have to get a picture. If i can find my other ones Ill take pics and compare and contrast how ugly they are. I'm just so thrilled I can see now. As soon as I put them on I almost cried cuz I've never been able to see so clearly in all my life. Its not for close up, its only for far away stuff like when I'm driving or watching TV, so I'm only Dork-Tron during those times. =)

Went with Dad, June and the girls to see the Nutcracker ballet. God I hate the Nutcracker. After seeing it last year i promised myself I wouldnt watch it again, but June bought me a ticket and I figured it would be a good family outing. I fell asleep during the second act. =P

Afterwards we went to The Old Spaghetti Factory though and had an excellent dinner.

On the way home I stopped by Target to get some last minute x-mas cards and some pillows for my shams and for moms shams for our bedroom sets. I found some awesome throw pillows that match my chenille blanket so i got those too. I'm so bad. I'm just DYING to decorate.

looks kind of nice, although I might take 2 of the 3 pillows back and exchange them for the brownish gray color I saw there, I think theyll match the bedspread a little better. *sigh* ah well.

swiftrat I wanted to let you know I doubt your commission will get there by x-mas but it will get there sometime before new years. I hope thats not a problem =( I just realized that with all the holiday mess its going to be a bit harder for the postal workers to get stuff out in time, not to mention I sent it out late. I apologize.

anyhoo..Elisha is having a family party and im mole-ing in my room to avoid the screams of children. I might make my way out there for some food later.

adios all!

forgot to mention dad and i got rear-ended on the way back from the mall. huzzah! =P
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