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the absentee returns

What is it about Bad Religion that seems like a Camelot-esque story as sung by a punk rocker? beautiful...its poetry..sheer poetry...*swoon* Big thanks to Tavis, since that was part of my Christmas present, a collection of Bad Religion albums, Brand New and John Mayer on a CD rom. Along with that he gave me a graphic novel from the Sandman series, "Season of the Mists" or something like that. VERY good story..oh my god. I was glued to it all day long. The art is okay, but inspiring nonetheless. That would have been so kickass to illustrate that book.....not to mention I completely agree with Tavis that their "Death" character is hot =D okay..maybe I shouldnt be saying that..but I did some fanart anyways here

By the way everyone, thank you for your kind words in regards to my last post. don't worry about me. I'm not suicidal or anything, I've just gone through a lot of stupid crap this week that I may or may not elaborate on. meh. not sure. *sigh* its times like this i realize how alone I really am..and that sucks.

Also, did some drawings of just some of my friends as well as myself including Ahkahna, Hoshi (SnowWolf), Micah, Kat and Wes. =)

Over my stay at mom's house I also made some more ornaments and painted a couple of the new ones, since I left the older ones at home. Ah well. I'll post pics of those later cuz I'm really lazy and I want to go to bed.

I was late to work again today. I've stopped caring I think. Too depressed to care, maybe. who knows.

On another note, I got my phone fixed..and by that I mean they gave me a new phone because their products suck, but that was nice of them to give me a new phone AS WELL AS a new charger since apparently my other one sucked as well.

I always think of good journal entries when I'm unable to update, but forget them as soon as I'm back at my computer. Oh well.

Happy New Year everyone if I dont write before then. I may attend Elisha's Pimp 'n' Hoe Party. Gotta dig out my 80's garb and get creative. wooooo! =P
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