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Art and even more announcements


If you are waiting for me to mail you something, whether it be an ornament, an original, a necklace, a commission..whatever, those requests have been delayed a tad since I ran out of envelopes and need to buy some, but of course this town of mine has EVERYTHING but a Staples office I'm terribly sorry. This goes to you, MoonHaze, katarina42, silverhuskey and if I'm forgetting anyone please let me know, I've been very unorganized lately.

In other news, kaffe I finally finished your commission. I really hope you like it, I'll send it out as soon as I get the other half of the payment. I also am going to have to ask for payment for those ornaments you ordered from me.

Also, I drew this little doodle last night when I was talking on the phone with Tavis. bwee!

I'm losing my mind.
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