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Long Overdue Christmas Gift List

Here's a list of the stuff I got for Christmas, although I'm not sure if I can remember all of it...

From Dad:
-Corell Dishes *they dont break! Huzzah!*
-a big box-o-kitchen utensils including pizza slicer/spatula/potato peeler...shut up i need those
-Bed in a Bag bedspread/sheet set
-drinking glasses

*just because* presents from dad
-black umbrella for the car
-coffee mug
-new black Vans shoes
-a book "The Mullet: hairstyle of the gods"..very amusing
-a bracelet from Chinatown to replace my other one. itsmade of string and says my name on it =)

From June:
-Nightmare Before Christmas shirt
-3 Panda ornaments
-kitchen knives *okay they're her old ones, but i LOVE them*

From Mom and Mike:
-Holiday sweater
-3 work shirts
-a silver cross necklace
- a silver necklace with a four leaf clover pressed into the pendant
-a green umbrella
-green slipper socks
-green scented candle *can you see a pattern?*
-new purse

From Elisha:
-peach scented bath set with bath beads/gels and soaps *is she hinting at something? ;)*

From Grandma:
-$30 Target gift certificate with which I bought the Seasons 1 and 2 box set of Family Guy

From Nana and Papa:
-$200 with which I bought towels and accessories for my room including a $40 chiffon blanket *snug*

From Tavis:
-"Season of Mists" graphic novel
-CD Rom that had 3 Bad Religion Albums, and a collection of Brand New and John Mayer songs =D

From Wynd and Rein (Clint and Dani):
-a medicine pouch
-a cute little wolfy dragon sculpture/pin Dani made =D

and here's what Jesse got:

From me:
-a Kong toy
-a chicken flavored bone
-canine carry-out dog treats *to stick in the kong so she can dig it out..she goes nuts for that stuff*

From Mom and Mike:
-holiday colored rawhide bones
-Ceasar canned dog food *for special occasions as a treat to mix with her kibble*
-holiday bandanna
-various other dog treats i dont remember the names of

From Elisha and Jason:
-new dog dish that matches the bathroom...and it has a water dispenser too..weee!
-bacon treats *she broke into the bag last night and gorged herself...bad doggy!*
-T-bone treats
-a rope/tennis ball dog toy that she absolutely LOVES! Great thinking Jason =) *Jesse is a tennis ball addict and she loves playing tug-o-war*

Okie...yeah thats late but im at work and dad just gave me my shoes so thats what made me think of it. =)
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