An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
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Random observations

Last Night I:
-Ranover a dead skunk
-Had a dream that Joey Butofuco *sp?* was in my neighborhood and he was taking off his shirt, which caused me to ask Tavis if I should call 911 or Animal Control.

This morning I:
-Thought that I had slept until 6 PM the next night and panicked
-Wondered whatever happened to Joe Piscopo from Saturday Night Live. They're constantly making mean jokes about him on the show, and no one has heard from him for awhile. Does anyone know why he's been blackballed? Did he ask for too much money or something?

On my way to work I:
-Saw two horses kicking each other's asses
-Saw a tumbleweed half the size of my car
-Saw snow, but didn't have to slosh through it because it's on the mountains by my work. It's nice working by the foothills, nice weather, nice view, no mess.
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