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OMG Jesse bad doggy!

I think there is some kind of highly addictive drug in my dog's treats mom got her for christmas. Normally, Jesse will take a treat, hide it around the house and it will resurface a week later and she'll eat it...or hide it again. Mom bought her some Ol' Roy: Bark'n Bac'n bacon strip treats for christmas and Jesse will not leave me alone now. All the time shes whining and motioning toward my room where I keep them *she NEVER whines*, and when that fails, she'll go into my room and do everything in her power to knock the bag off the shelf, break open the bag and gorge herself. On numerous occasions, after hiding the bag in various seemingly hard to reach places, I'll walk into my room to find Jesse scarfing down tons of bacon treats, chewing as fast as she can before I can take the bag away again. We don't have many high shelves, but when I put them on high shelves, she'll jump up on my bed and attempt to reach for it while I'm asleep. It's really annoying =P I've never seen her react in such a way to a dog treat! Roast beef, maybe, but fake bacon? Weird.

In other news, Tav called me at work today and cheered me up a bit. Its a highlight when he calls me at work, gives me someone friendly to talk to other than the occasional southern "let-me-make-you-some-apple-pie" Sheriff's assistant. He was watching The Joy Of Painting with Bob Ross and commented on how quickly that man could paint amazingly believable landscapes. I remember attempting one of his mountains before, boy was that a disaster 0_o In the episode Tav was watching, he had a baby squirrel sleeping in his hand. Awwww! I remember seeing a couple where he had the squirrel running around in his afro =D

I want to buy some of his tapes and learn landscapes. I gotta find out how this guy did it!

Love you Tavis =D *snuggle snug snuggity*
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