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I sneezed and my brain fell out

proof that I'm losing my mind:

I called a police department and was told I was going to be transferred to the detective's voicemail. So i was prepared to leave a message, and a woman's voice says "Verification" and I thought it was a i was quiet trying to figure out if it was going to beep or not. I said "Nicole from Armor Holdings" and the voice says "yeah? what do you want?" =P I then started stuttering and admitting ithought she was a recording. I'm a dork.


The department ordered a pizza and apparently Amy ordered drinks to go with it. She comes up and asks me "do you think we should get cups of ice for the 2-liters?"

and i thought she said "do you think we should get cups of ice for the cheerleaders". I just stared at her forever and she gave me a weird look. I asked "cheerleaders? what cheerleaders" *smacks forehead*

OMG i need to go home.
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