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Long week

Ever have those days where you are annoyed with everyone? Today is one of those days for me.

I woke up with really bad Costco food poisoning this morning, and of course, being the boss's daughter, I had to drink a glass of water, dust myself off, and come to work regardless. I have my trash can by my feet in case the worst should happen >_<

One thing I have to look forward to though is the National Portfolio Day that's coming up this sunday. Yeah I know there already was one, but Pratt wasnt there and that really burnt my biscuits, so I'm going to get up in their faces this time and make sure I actually APPLY to some schools this time around instead of getting my back scratched. No more putzing around, I'm going for it. At least I'll have a finished "Bacchus" and a "Swiftrat" print to show them, but I have to trim down my portfolio a tad, at the request of several reviewers...I apparently have "too much to show" =) better than too little I say.

So far, the people who are going with me are the usual suspects...that being plague_dog and eccentricweepel, with the addition of kurawolf who doesn't have a portfolio but is going for the atmosphere. Dad might drive us, but either way I'm getting the truck. Take that LA traffic!

I just hope I find the time to put my portfolio together/print some stuff out.
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