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Blink of an eye

I almost lost my dad yesterday and I wouldn't have known.

Dad, June and the girls were supposed to go out to the lakehouse yesterday and they were going to take along June's Harley on a trailer they rented. I rode in the truck with them as they picked up the trailer, and it didn't seem safe, mainly because it was a rickety old trailer but I thought that was just because it didn't have any weight on it yet.

Tonight I called Dad because I hadn't heard from him all day and he was supposed to call me last night when he got there, and I was getting kind of worried. Apparently, I had a reason to worry.

Yesterday, as they were driving, the trailer came off the truck at 80 MPH, flipped up INTO THE AIR, landed on the road where a couple of semi-trucks almost ran over it AS WELL AS our truck with my Dad and June and the girls inside. Now, my dad has pulled his share of trailers and that has never happened before. I'm pissed at the trailer company for saying it was hooked on okay and was a safe trailer when it wasnt, but grateful that my dad didnt fucking DIE!

I think I'm going to go cry now. I can't stop shaking thinking about what would have happened if I went into work monday and Dad wasn't there and I had no way of knowing what happened =*(
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