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long story short, plague_dog, Kura and I drove to pasadena for portfolio day. Reagan and I split off, he went to the columbia college thing, I went to Pratt, Kura was my pack mule for my portfolio, I got accepted, badda bing, we leave the Thomas Kinkade-esque neighborhood of glowy elf-houses and head south for some In N Out burgers.

Then Kura almost had a heart attack beating me at air hockey, we watched 28 days later, Reagan made quesadillas like a good kitchen bitch and we laughed our asses off at Tony Robins eating Peter Griffin like some bad furry vore fetish pic.

And all was well. =)

Oh yes, and for today's update, Rubios 99 cent fish tacos own my SOUL!

THORNWOLF HUNGRY!!!! *eat eat eat*
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