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This is going to be a stupid update cuz im tired.

Well, patriots won the superbowl *yay!*

I'm not a big fan of football, but that was an exciting game..well..the second half.

Today I had an orthodontist appointment and then school. Figure drawing class was alright. sat next to Jaime and Reagan, and Reagan of course was playing his unusual music *the Titus soundtrack..among other things..very nice, but most of the time his usual music is bizarre*

In math I started drawing bridges. Brooklyn bridge..Coronado bridge...Tacoma Narrows bridge *crash*. I like bridges. I'm a tard =P I also drew a pic of the empire state building with king kong on it...

after class Jaime and Reagan and I went to Rubios for lunch, and then Fry's electronics to browse around. I wanted to find something for Tavis, but no luck. I then looked for the Gangs of NY soundtrack, which they didn't have, so I bought the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack instead. This marks the first CD I've bought myself in over 5 years. I just dont buy myself CD's =/

After that, I dropped Jaime off at her car and drove Reagan home after stopping by mom's house to pick up my stuff *and some snacks* and grandma's to pick up my dog. The ride back from his house is long and scary, but as a thank you, Reagan gave me some donuts and a tangerine which I ate as soon as I got home. I've never eaten a whole tangerine before because I'm weird when it comes to fruit and texture *i dont like orange juice with pulp cuz it reminds me of eating bugs* but oh my god....that tangerine was so freaking good i think im going to go to the store and actually buy some fruit now. I'm so sick and tired of sugary things *although the donuts were good too, thanks Reagan =D * and I need to start eating better.

that and erm..i had 2 nesquik's today. *sulk* im weak.

Thanks Jaime and Reagan for hanging out with me today and thank you Tavis for getting me out of math class to make me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants =)
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