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TW TW or TW?

well, in screen printing, im a star apparently. we did this project where we had to take a photo, do the line art for it, do just a black and white comp of it, then do the black and white comp but add one color. i did a picture of a tiger and added orange. i got my project hung on the wall with a 50/50 on it =)she raved about how BEAUTIFUL Nicole's work was and that the others should try to live up to it =D

then, we have to do positive and negative letterforms where we take letters and a shape like a square or circle *the shape is optional* and overlap them so part is white and part is know...negative space and all that.
Tiffany is making an art website and i thought it deserved a cool graphic with her innitials on it, so i decided to do her innitials, TW. Coincidentally, her innitials also match up with the innitials for ThornWolf and the inntials for TavyWavy *people at work call Tav TW for short when theyre teasing him about me calling him Tavy Wavy*. so yeah, TW are letterforms that have many uses! =)
its looking really awesome! i did Boudini Regular for the W and some other cool curly font for the T and i put it on a circle. im gonna do another one too that looks pretty sweet..just cuz im ahead of the game. Tiff really liked my ideas and my teacher, well, she once again raved about how beautiful it was and how i had good ideas going.
god i love being artistic! =D
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