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Kura came over last night and we watched "An Evening With Kevin Smith". We wanted to rent TLK 1 1/2 but for some reason the video stores were all sold out of it. Meh. =P

Oh my god though...Kevin Smith should be a stand up comic. =D Best DVD ever! I really want it for my View Askew collection. Through the whole DVD though Kura and I kept shouting "OMG HE LOOKS JUST LIKE TAVIS!!!"

Got to hear some interesting KS sex stories and I now know that Jay's heroin conviction was just some rumor. He actually got busted for beer =P

Although I wonder..what would Silent Bob's sex sounds be like? Not KS, but SB the character. Its like "....." and "...!!!!!!"
Yeah. Sexy. LoL!

Mom took me to breakfast this morning at IHOP and now I have a big fat belly because of it. *pats tummy* mmmmmm tasty =D

Okay, going to talk to Tavis and take a nap now. Snoogans
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